Bootprints is an Internet TV show, with video adventures on hunting, fishing, and everything interesting in the great outdoors! Join me, Troy McCormick, as I explore the woods and waters in my home state of Indiana, and everywhere else I travel.

As I have walked and hiked throughout the years, I have always noticed that my bootprints mark my temporary passage through the woods, along a creek, or across a mountain pass. I may be hunting elk in Montana, fishing for smallmouth in Canada, or hiking a nature trail in Indiana’s Spring Mill State Park, and I always leave my bootprints on the trail.

After eight seasons of filming, hosting, and producing the nationally televised, Indiana Outdoor Adventures TV show, I am back on the road traveling and finding outdoor adventures beyond the geographic boundaries of Indiana.  In the last year I have had the opportunity to travel to Scotland, South Carolina, North Dakota, Montana, Kentucky, and Texas. Bootprints is an opportunity for me to continue sharing my outdoor adventures as I travel throughout the woods and fields.

Join me as I leave my next set of bootprints in the great outdoors!



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