Sponsors and Advertisers

We have several options for sponsors and advertisers to join our online program. For 13-weeks, during the 4th Quarter of the year, Bootprints.TV will have an episode that airs each week, repeats five times that week, and is then saved in the MyOutdoorTV VOD archives for viewers. Those 13 episodes will provide sponsors and advertisers a total of 78 opportunities for commercials, products and ads. We are available in 150+ million households and continue to grow our audience via social media outlets such as FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram.

 • Title Sponsor: Intro announcement, 30-second Commercial, Billboard, Product Placement, Credits, Guest Appearance, Social Media Posts.

 • Product Sponsor: 30-second Commercial, Billboard, Product Placement, Credits.

 • Advertiser: 30-second Commercial.

 • Sponsor: On-Screen Logo

Contact us today to discuss which option fits your budget and marketing needs. Call (812) 284-4207 or email troy@naturalconcepts.net


Bootprints.TV is owned and produced by Natural Concepts, Inc.