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Episode #01 African Safari


Episode #02 African Safari – part 2

Episode #03 North Dakota Snow Geese


Episode #04 Texas Red Fish

Episode #05 Texas Red Fish


I had an exciting, wet, opening day of gun season in Indiana this year, and it was all worth it.
I had been monitoring three big bucks in my hunting area with my trail cameras and was fortunate to have one come by during hunting hours.

While hog hunting in the Low Country of South Carolina with Buck Run Hunting Lodge, David and I had the ride of our lives just getting
back to our stands in the swamp area where the big hogs lived. The ATV ride alone was worth the trip!

Noodling for snapping turtles seems a little on the crazy side, but I had to give it a try.

You are going to love this 4-minute video of “flying Silver Carp” on the Wabash River in Indiana.
This was a great video from my days with Indiana Outdoor Adventures.